The Music Video for 'Too Much Space,' directed by myself and Nik Damants. Beat by Cognate. Shot by Sam Eilertsen, with special appearences by SydeSho, Ashton 'Stackz', and Heini Korhonen. Off of 'Too Much,' my debut solo album, coming out October 28.


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I'm a Hip Hop artist, educator, and filmmaker, engaged in a variety of musical and educational projects.  My newest album, “Too Much,” will be released on October 28, complete with 5 self-directed and co-directed music videos, the first of which, “Talk Too Much” will be released on August 19. I'm also part of The Funk Underground with my partner SydeSho, and we just got back from our 9 city Off With The Funk tour. Outside of music, I do educational work surrounding the complexities of identity, privilege, and power. I'm currently starting a new non-profit, Pushed Learning and Media, to work on these issues more effectively. More ➞