About Me

I'm a Hip Hop artist, educator, and filmmaker inspired and motivated by the radical nature of Hip Hop culture, and anti-oppression thought. My debut album, Too Much,  was released on October 28, and I've already put out three music videos for it so far. The next, for 'Got To Give It To Me,' drops on Friday, February 17.

I'm the executive director of Pushed Learning and Media, which I founded with Oliver 'SydeSho' Arias, and Nik Damants. We do anti-oppression and anti-racist work, using live performance and a variety of digital media to facilitate conversations on the complexities of identity, race, and inequality. 

In 2012, I founded the Wheeler School Hip Hop program, an interdisciplinary arts and history program that teaches creative writing and the history of American oppression through the lens of Hip Hop music and culture. I'm also part of  the musical group The Funk Underground, with SydeSho.


In my work as a Hip Hop and anti-racist educator, I focus on the white consumption of Hip Hop music, and the different ways that white listeners think they connect with black/latino culture through media-based interaction.